One of the most beautiful ways of listening to resources on the go is via audiobook. Audiobooks are easy to listen to and follow while on the move.

Having the audiobook version of your book will position you in the marketplace to be able to reach almost all kinds of learners.

We have 4 kinds of learners; visual learners, AUDITORY learners, kinesthetic learners, and audio-visual learners. Being able to meet the VISUAL learners with your ebook/book and meeting the auditory learners with your AUDIOBOOK can be a milestone in reaching more people.

We can help you convert your manuscript into an audio version. Trust us to handle your book design and conversions.

If you’re a self-published author, you might never have even considered the possibility of turning your book into an audiobook. But it’s important your book reach more people, impact more lives and make more money by tapping into this market.


Here are reasons why you need your book as an audiobook

  • You will reach a new range of audience
  • Audiobook is a less saturated market unlike other forms of book
  • It increases your potential earnings
  • It brings a new life to your story/message
  • You will gain extra credibility as an author


We have professional narrators that will make you fall in love with your book over and over again.


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