Cover Design

If you want to make good sales with your book, your cover design should have a good first impression.

At WORITAL, we design top-notch book covers that can compete internationally. We pay attention to the message of your book, the audience and make it connect well with them. Our goal is to help your book stand out in the marketplace and on every bookshelf.

People still judge books by their cover, in fact, they do it more now that thousands of authors are springing out on a daily basis worldwide. Your book needs more than rich content to compete with other books in different bookstores. Your book design needs to be catchy enough for your audience.


At WORITAL, we pay attention to the message of your book, the audience you want to reach, and create a cover, that can connect with your audience emotionally. Our goal is to help your book compete favorably in every marketplace and stand out on every bookshelf.

This can include cover design, animations, and illustration

  • We listen to your needs and book idea.
  • We research your industry and understand the mind of your readers and how best to convey the meaning of your book to the world graphically.
  • We create 3 different options for you to pick from or 1 design that can be edited 3 times.
  • You choose your final design.
  • We create e-flyers and mock-ups to promote and publicize your book to your audience.

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