This stage involves all aspect of design that makes your work beautifully pleasing to your audience. We offer bespoke services on cover designs, interior designs, website design, mockups, flyer, and video trailers.


Professional Cover Design: People still judge books by their cover. It is even worse now that thousands of authors are springing out on a daily basis globally. Do you want your book to stand out on the shelf? Do you know that even your Ebook will sell better if it stands out on the website? To make your book get maximum attention, your cover design has to give out a superb impression.

Your book needs more than quality content to compete with other books in bookstores. Your book’s design should be catchy and fascinating for the audience you are seeking to attract. At WORITAL, we design top-notch book covers that can compete internationally. We pay attention to the message of your book, the audience and make designs to suit all of these factors.


Our goal is to help your book stand out in the marketplace and on every bookshelf.

Your book needs more than rich content to compete with other books in different bookstores. Only a catchy design can pull a large number of readers to your book.


 Our design process is as follows:-

  • We listen to your needs and book idea.
  • We research your industry and understand the mind of your readers and how best to convey the meaning of your book to the world graphically.
  • We create 3 different options for you to pick from or 1 design that can be edited 3 times.
  • You choose your final design.
  • We create e-flyers and mock-ups to promote and publicize your book to your audience.


Professional Interior Design and Formatting: We want to keep your readers glued to your book and we know a brilliant interior design and formatting can do the magic. One of the things that keep your readers glued to your book is the layout. The quality of your book design plays a vital role in positioning you as a professional author.Worital is here to help you design a book layout that readers can’t ignore.


An interior that shines is possible with Worital. Book formatting transforms your text and images into a professional layout that grabs and guides your readers. Title pages, chapter headings, and even line spacing – all play a vital role in how your book turns out.  We’ll help you deliver the best possible reading experience with a custom-formatted layout.


We guide your choice by telling you the options you can use.

We design and illustrate where necessary.

We deliver top-notch formatting.

It leaves a lasting, positive impression in the mind of your readers. We help you deliver the best possible reading experience with a custom-formatted layout.


Professional Website Design: To drive sales for a book, market it, and promote it, there isn’t a better tool than a personal author’s website. We design easy to use, responsive, and aesthetically pleasing website that serves as a dynamic to promote you and your book.


Book Video Trailer: We create an amazing book trailer that helps you promote your book to your audience. Ultimately, the trailer is geared to help you engage potential readers and get them familiar with the narrative of your book.


Mockup and Eflyer: Creating a mockup helps your audience see what the book will actually look like without leaving anything unsaid. We design catchy mockup and Eflyers that will be graphically imprinted in the mind of your audience.


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