Frequently Asked Questions


Send your manuscript to; it will be accessed and a MOU will be sent to you.

 The duration is dependent on the wordcount of your book. The specific date will be communicated via mail once your manuscript and payment are received.

 Feedbacks should be given within 72 hours the work is completed. Failure to do so will attract additional payment.

 For every additional content, extra payment will be made based on the word count.

 Yes, you can pay twice, 70% to activate the project and 30% before full delivery


After payment, you will get a questionnaire to fill to provide us with full details.

We give two professional cover designs option with an opportunity to modify each twice

We welcome that; you can share your concept with us before we start the process. In case you don’t have any; we would create one for you.

After delivering both covers, you can modify each of them twice. We can create the first options and allow people to do a vote before the final modification is done.

On each modification/sample, you will be paying 10,000 naira extra

After sending you the cover(s), you have 72 hours to review and send back the modifications. After this period, we would assume that you have no modification and if any change comes afterwards, you’d be paying 10,000 foreach modification.

 In a situation where you find both cover attractive and useful, you will be charged an additional 50,000 naira to have the right to use both.

It depends on the option you are opting for; eBook will have only the front cover. Print version will have front, spine and back designs. Back design is done after the front has been approved.

Animations costs more than other types of covers. It will attract an additional fee.

Yes, you can pay twice for the cover design, 70% before design and 30% before full delivery after the modifications

Yes, please find them on our website at www.worital.comand our Instagram page @worital

For covers with advanced illustrations, there would be additional cost.


  1. It is preferable that you use Microsoft Word for your manuscript.
  2. The genre of the book should be communicated.
  3. Use different levels of font sizes to indicate the hierarchy of chapter titles, major headings, and subheadings, and make them bold. If appropriate, number the sections and subsections. This way, the logical flow of your manuscript will be obvious to the book designer.
  4. Do not add text boxes. If you want text to appear in a fancy box or a wrapped quote, type ***begin sidebar*** and ***end sidebar*** and the designer will take care of it.
  5. Do not import your pictures into Word, or copy and paste them into the document. Supply the high-resolution images files separately from your manuscript file and indicate where you want them placed by typing in bracket or red highlights the image name and we will take care of the rest.
  6. Please don’t get too fancy with the font. A serif font (i.e., Times Roman) is preferable, this will be an easier font for the designer to read.
  7. Include a table of contents if the chapters have titles.
  8. Feedbacks on the interior should be given within 24 hours the interior is sent. You will be required to pay additional fee if feedbacks come after 24 hours.
  9. For additional content or content edits after the interior design, additional payments will be required depending on the levels of edits.
  10. In cases where the interior has to be redesigned from the scratch, additional payment has to be made


Audio Distribution

  1. Chapters, credits, and any introductions must be standalone files no longer than 120 minutes each. If the book has no chapters, split into segments of 30-120 minutes each.
  2. Each chapter must be in the proper order and should start with a verbal indication that it is a new chapter (such as the chapter number or the name of the chapter)
  3. Opening credits must be included and include only the title and author/narrator names. The opening credits cannot include any additional information or narration. The details should match exactly the provided metadata and details on the cover art (using the exact same names across all 3). All narrators must be credited. We recommend the following structure: [Title], Written by [Author Name], Narrated by [Narrator Name]
  4. Ending credits must be included and must reference the completion of the book (e.g. “the end”). Optionally, you may include the title, author/narrator names, copyright info, etc. We recommend the following structure: This has been [Title], Written by [Author Name], Narrated by [Narrator Name], Copyright [Year of Manuscript and Name of Rights Holder], Production Copyright [Year of Audiobook Production] by [Rights Holder]
  5. All additional introductions (preface, author’s notes) should be separate files, with appropriate verbal headings, all of which should be loaded to the “Front Matter” section of the audio page.
  6. Audiobook sample must be shorter than 5 minutes and may not contain music, audiobook credits, or explicit content
  1. All audio must be human-narrated and provided as FLAC or MP3 files. Text-to-speech audio will not pass for upload.
  2. Each file should have a constant bit rate of 192 kbps or higher, and a sample rate of 44.1 kHz.
  3. Each individual file must contain between 0.5 and 1 second of silence (room tone) at the beginning of the file before narration performance begins, and between 1 and 5 seconds of silence (room tone) at the end of the file, after narration completes.
  4. RMS for each file must measure between -23dB and -18dB, with peak values below -3dB, and a maximum -60dB floor.
  5. No copyrighted materials or extraneous sounds (pages turning, etc.).
  1. Cover Art (provided by the rights holder) •PNG, TIF, or JPG. Minimums of 72 dpi resolution, 24-bit color, and 2400 x 2400 pixels.
  2. The title, author(s), and book series information (if applicable) are clearly displayed and must match exactly both the provided metadata and the audible contents of the opening credits.
  3. No images of or references to physical books, CDs or scans of cases, promotions, or cellophane.
  4. No pornographic, offensive, or copyrighted materials.
  5. Square cover art is required, without the use of borders or letterboxing.
  6. Cover may not include book summary, description, etc if the title is to be distributed to Audible.
  7. Cover may not be blurry or feature watermarks

Failure to meet these requirements may delay your audiobook’s availability in stores.


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