Book Marketing and PR is our business. It is not enough to publish a great book. It needs to get to the right places and be seen by the right people. How do we come in? We offer:

Facebook and Instagram ads for 30 days.

Influencers’ recommendation.

Featuring of books on TV and National Newspapers.

Getting the author featured on public viewing platforms.

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Eno Sam


I reached out to WORITAL’S team, having seen the quality of their designs in recent times. They did an amazing job and even sent me a surprise gift alongside the printed books. People who have ordered my book have commented on how captivating the design is. I always advise authors not to trade their cover designs and prints for anything. And yes! They can trust WORITAL on that.

At Worital, we display expertise in line editing, copy editing, and proofreading of manuscripts; with an end goal of producing flawless books

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