The Chinaza Favour Writing Challenge which first took flight in 2021, aims to discover, assess, and reward the genius of outstanding writers who otherwise would not have had a platform to showcase their creativity to a larger audience, thereby gaining the recognition that they deserve and need for greater exploits.

It offers an opportunity for writers of all genres, encouraging them to stretch beyond the limits of their imagination, enhance their writing skills, receive feedback and connect with a supportive community of fellow writers.

This year’s edition promises to be better as Chinaza Favour collaborates with Worital, Africa’s leading publishing company, to make it even more rewarding for the participants, for literature is known for its ability to reshape and remake destinies. Worital understands this power.

Against this background, we call on all writers in the fiction, non-fiction, and poetry genres of literature to delve into their inner worlds, and flesh out a magnificent literary piece with our theme for this year’s challenge.

Topic: The Tale of Reinvention and Rebirth

Instructions and Guidelines

We encourage you to probe into the depths of the theme and the chosen topic, unleash your creative spirit, and mesmerise yourself and your readers by crafting a masterpiece that captures and reveals the essence of your unique perspective.

Word Count: 400-500 words

Acceptable Genres:   Fiction | Non-fiction | Poetry  


Submission opens: 17th July 2023
Submission closes: 24th July 2023.

Submission Method

Social media submission guidelines

  1. Post your article on your social media wall/page.
  2. Tag @Chinaza Favour on Facebook or @thechinazafavour on Instagram or both.
  3. Tag @worital on Facebook, Instagram or both.
  4. Use the hashtags: #ChinazaWorital #ThePhoenixWritingChallenge #ChinazaFavoursWritingChallenge2023

Please note: You are to specify the genre of work you’ve written in parentheses after the title of your work. For example, ‘The Phoenix: A tale of reinvention and rebirth (Non-Fiction)’.

Website submission

  1. Follow the guidelines for social media submission.
  2. Fill the form in this link
  3. Ensure to copy the link to your submission on social media and embed it in the form.
  4. Upload your file and submit

Judging Criteria

  • Wrong tags will lead to automatic disqualification. Please look through the instructions for social media submission to confirm the appropriate accounts to tag.
  • Make sure you use the correct hashtags for the challenge.
  • Using a wrong title and wrong genre will lead to disqualification.
  • You will be judged based on originality, creativity, coherence, grammar and adherence to the topic.

Prizes and Recognition

  • 3 winners will emerge (1 per genre).
  • Each of the winners wins a publishing deal with Worital worth 500,000.
  • Each of the winners gets a plaque of honour.
  • Winners will be featured on a National Newspaper.
  • The top 20 for each genre will have their articles converted to a book that will be made available on Worital’s book reading app BOOKPLAZE (it will be available for free on the platform).

Meet the Final Judges

Emeka Nobis

Emeka Nobis, a former Mechanical Engineer, now empowers individuals to share their gifts and messages confidently. He helps build platforms, establish profitable businesses, and fosters progressive leadership cultures. Emeka also trains managers on team dynamics and effective communication strategies.

Ijeawele Chimamaka

She is the president of IKORO-IGBOAMAKA, promoting Igbo language and culture. She organized successful Igbo festivals, co-founded IN EVERY MUM, and works as a Lead Editor. Ijeawele is an acclaimed travel scribe, author, and has gained international recognition for her work.

Bash Amuneni

a renowned Nigerian performance poet known for his evocative poetry on love and the human condition. He has performed at prestigious events and is recognized as an influential voice in Nigeria. Bash is also an author, architect, and audio book narrator, captivating audiences both at home and abroad.

Chinaza Favour

She is a visionary coach, author, and advocate. She hosts 'Honest Conversations with Chinaza Favour,' inspiring personal growth. With a focus on mental health and African empowerment, she aims to restore hope and love in individuals' lives.

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