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About Essence Conference

This is an annual conference designed to inspire individuals to explore their inner depths, embrace their uniqueness, and manifest their essence. Whether you’re a business owner, career professional, or brand seeking to reconnect with your core and blossom, Essence Conference is the event for you.

The Essence Conference pioneers personal transformation in a culture that values conformity over genuine expression. Recognising that the loss of authenticity on an individual level not only stifles creativity and self-fulfilment, but also signals a decline in innovation and consequently, societal progress, our mission is to champion authenticity as both a driver for individual growth and societal advancement.

Essence '24 is poised to address these challenges head-on and ignite a positive shift by offering:


Navigate the complexities of self-discovery with insights from seasoned speakers.


Gain inspiration to embrace and celebrate your uniqueness, unlocking the full potential within.

Practical Tools

Acquire actionable strategies to reintroduce your authentic self in various aspects of life.

Conference Highlights:

Keynote Speakers

Explore insights from industry leaders and visionaries who have embraced their essence and achieved success.

Interactive Sessions

 Engage in hands-on sessions covering topics such as leadership, innovation, and personal development.

Networking Opportunities

Connect with like-minded individuals and expand your network for personal and professional growth.

Date & Time

Who is this event for?







Do you want to discover your true essence, embracing auhenticity, and manifest astounding results in what you do?

Meet The Host

As a visionary, wholesome living & mental health advocate, and youth ambassador, Chinaza Favour fans the flames of self-discovery, personal transformation and positive social change across countries and continents.

She is dedicated to empowering leaders across various sectors to embrace their full potential and aspire to the highest version of themselves through her various initiatives, the Essence Project being one of them.

Her books, programmes and events are designed to equip your mind with practical steps to manifest astounding results, and reinvent yourself for a wholesome life.

She believes that society is as strong as its weakest component. To this end, she uses her platform to drive societal progress starting from the individuals who make up the society, one person at a time.

In her words, ‘A progressive society is the result of its progressive units’.

Our Distinguished Keynote Speakers:

Frequent Asked Questions

The Essence Conference is a transformative event designed for business leaders, professionals, creatives, experts and you. It focuses on self-discovery, personal reinvention, embracing uniqueness, and integrating these principles into various aspects of life, including business, relationships, and personal development.

Essence 2024 is taking place in Ikeja, Lagos. The specific location will be communicated to registered participants.

Registering for the Essence Conference is easy! Simply click on GET TICKET. Choose your package and follow the simple steps to secure your spot. Early bird discounts are available, so don’t miss out on this opportunity.

Yes, we offer early bird discounts for those who register before 1st May, 2024. Take advantage of the reduced rates and secure your spot early.

Yes, we offer 10% off total registration fee for group registrations.

Feel free to express your unique style and personality as is appropriate for the event.

We appreciate your willingness to contribute! Volunteer applications have closed, but you can join the pre-conference conversations and help to spread the word for the conference. Join here. 

For any inquiries, assistance, or information, feel free to contact our team at essence@chinazafavour.com

We welcome and appreciate collaborations that align with our mission. Explore our Sponsorship Opportunities page by clicking the button below. You can also reach out to us via essence@chinazafavour.com for a customised collaboration.

Our Vision

At Essence, we envision a world where individuals authentically embrace their uniqueness, leading to personal fulfilment, societal progress, and global transformation.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a platform for individuals to discover, embrace, and manifest their essence in all aspects of life. Through transformative events, insightful contents, and meaningful connections, we aim to inspire personal growth, drive innovation, and cultivate a community of authentic leaders and change-makers across fields and industries.

About Us

At Essence, we believe in the power of embracing one’s uniqueness. Our conferences and workshops are platforms for individuals, business owners, professionals, and brands to explore and manifest the core elements that define their essence.


Our sponsorship offer includes high-priority advertorials, logo placement on all conference materials, stage recognition, spotlight on all press releases, and lots more.

Contact Us

For any inquiries, assistance, or information, feel free to contact our team at essence@chinazafavour.com or send us a WhatsApp message via +234 803 9515 505

Grab your ticket to Essence Conference 2024 and get ready to be transformed!

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