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Book marketing strategies to make your published book sell profitably

Find out the real truth about marketing your book

Don't be deceived by titles and other unnecessary shenanigans around writing. If you want to sell out, you need to learn strategic marketing

In this book, I have dealt with the most important ways to sell your books right from the first day the idea drops in your mind. 

You will learn:


I worked for nine years as an engineer in an oil servicing company. In the tenth year, I fired myself because I was tired of staying within the cubicles.

I wanted to roam and explore the world. Today, I’m doing exactly that – with my feet and with my mind.



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WORITAL is a book branding and publishing company that helps you to birth the dreams you have in your mind of being a globally recognized author with our range of services and guidance. We are a team of designers, strategists, e-book conversion technicians, printing craftsmen, video animators and website designers. 



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Are you ready to write that book and sell out?

If you have always been scared of writing your book, WE UNDERSTAND YOUR FEARS. This is the reason why WORITAL and EMEKA NOBIS have come together to gift you this free e-book so that you can excel as an author anytime.

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