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Get your manuscript review FREE!

Get your manuscript reviewed FREE!

A good number of people are stunned, after the evaluation process and review feedback, to see crucial elements that make for a great read and incredible book, untapped. Do not take unnecessary and avoidable risk with your manuscript. Your book is your brand.

Why You Should Review Your Manuscript

Authors who are convinced that they are done with writing their books, and all that is needed is publishing, sometimes send in their manuscripts and they discover they are far from finishing the book. In this age of information overload, readers take note of poorly edited or completely unedited books. Your name shouldn’t be marked for inferiority.

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I absolutely love the superb quality of my book. It is no longer news that Worital is synonymous with quality! It was yet another beautiful experience working with Worital to birth the masterpiece.
Sam Obafemi
I absolutely love the superb quality of my book. It is excellent!

Worital Priotizes Professionalism And Experience

We have published thousands of books at Worital ranging from the First Lady of States to top coaches, renowned writers and many more. We have recorded a good number of best-sellers and our brand is synonymous to excellence

Let us help evaluate your manuscript for FREE


Send your manuscript to with the subject ‘Review My Manuscript Now’


After the review is done, an email would be sent to you suggesting what should be done on the manuscript if there is any.


Expect to get an acknowledgment email within the next 24 hours


It’s not enough to suggest what the manuscript needs, you will also get a chapter of the manuscript reworked on (if need be) for you to have an idea on what can be done with you manuscript.


Depending on your entry number and the word counts of your manuscript, the first email you will get from us will indicate when the review would be complete


You will also have the privilege to book a FREE 30mins session discussing the feedback given on your manuscript.

Acceptable file standard and format for your manuscript

Only single file is accepted


Note: Not following the specifications may result in the
nonacceptance of your manuscript.

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