A Tale of Two Wives


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Two women in the Bible are confronted with what we call in modern times “toxic relationships”. How they conduct their lives while in those relationships and the result of their responses to the situations they faced remain eternal lessons on personal agency, boundaries and conviction for women of faith in relationships.

In this book of two parts, Bralade Koroye Emenanjo offers an in-depth study of the lives of two Bible women: Abigail and Sapphira. While Part 1 has scripture-by-scripture study of 1 Samuel 25 and Acts 5, Part 2 is an expose on the practical lessons the reader can take away on how to step up to situations that require God-given wisdom to navigate them.

A Tale of Two Wives enlightens the reader about what it means to choose God’s purpose and will before man’s in relationships and how to lead a life where one is convinced of their graces, knows their limits and is convinced of God’s standards even in their relationships.


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