Breaking Barriers



Breaking Barriers is my memoir. It’s the story of a young female lawyer from the North Central Gbagyi ethnic nationality deployed to the South East for the mandatory one-year National Youth Service (NYSC) in the 1986/87 service year. Due to entrenched tribal stereotypes in Nigeria, she vowed never to marry an Igbo man. That persisted until she met a charismatic and charming senior professional colleague named Vidal Wachuku. The drama and suspense to sustain an impossible love in a country riddled with inter-tribal suspicion and mutual distrust makes this a compelling read. This intriguing true love story portrays their struggles to bridge two worlds and break barriers. It also showcases the rich culture of the Gbagyi people of Central Nigeria. Breaking Barriers includes the questionnaire the author developed and which she and her husband used during their courtship in 1987. It cemented their love and assisted in laying the solid foundation for their over thirty-four years of blissful marriage. Today, the questionnaire forms the bedrock on which a top-notch one-of-its-kind Courtship Academy is founded. The Academy guides singles and courting couples through courtship, and teaches them how to determine if both truly match. Breaking Barriers encourages one to climb over traditional mountains, bolt through any valley of ethnic prejudices, and boldly break through many barriers to arrive at where one wants to be tomorrow.


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