Yor Real Enemies are not in the Village


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Seconds later, there was a deafening bang on our door. It was immediately broken down. A surge of anger twinkled in my head. I told Jay the previous month that we needed to change the door but typical Jay continued to procrastinate. I pissed on myself, whimpering.
The men towered above us. I didn’t see them but from their entrance into the room and their voices, I knew there were three of them. My curious mind was defeated.
One of them walked out of the room as soon as they entered and headed in the direction of the kitchen.
We soon heard him yell to the others who remained behind to monitor us like eagles, “They have three soups in the fridge. I’ve packed them and also packed garri. We can go.”
One of the watchers bellowed to us, “We’ll come back next week for food. Cook better soup and keep.”
And with that, the thieves left our home.

The stories will grip your soul.
The stories will shock you.
The stories will send you into deep thinking
The stories will unravel yourself to you.

I make bold to tell you that your real enemies are not in the village.

When a trained Mechanical Engineer writes stories, they are gripping for an engineer sees in more than six dimensions. Emeka Nobis worked for 10 years as a Mechanical Engineer, resigned and founded his company. He spends his days as the CEO of Switchpath Consulting where he consults for businesses, writes books and speaks. Visit to see what his mind has to offer.


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