3 Reasons Why You Are Not Writing

Writing is hard and even the best writers think so too and why there might be valid excuses as to why you’re not picking up your pen to write, some of the excuses are invalid, they are just ways to justify fear and insecurities and this is because you think your writing might not be good enough and people might not read what you have written and this might just be one of the reasons why you’re not writing.

Here are three reasons why you’re not writing :

  1. Lack of Talent : A budding writer can get discouraged basically because he or she thinks he or she doesn’t have the talent to be a good writer. But the best part is you can learn and there’s a saying that says ” practice makes perfect”. So to curb this excuse, you can spend time in writing classes or join a writing community. Self improvement is the first step to solving the mindset of you not having a talent. All best selling writers never started all good, but they became known with intense efforts and practice.
  1. Fear of failure: When you’re afraid of failure, then you can never have the strength to start. If you’re afraid of writing, how would you even know the outcome when you’ve not even started at all . Start regardless and the good news is that failure or success in writing is rarely life-threatening so whatever outcome it is, you can always bounce back and start afresh on your journey of being a best selling writer.
  2. Procastination: When you procastinate and you keep saying I’m too young to write or I’m old to write, then when will you write? Whether you’re young or old, you can always write and that’s because there are people waiting to read your creative project. As a young writer ,you have more time to start the learning process, hence you have a longer and more successful  career as a writer and if you’re saying you’re old, that’s not an excuse because as long as you have a great story to tell, there are people waiting to read it and sell it to the world. 

Whatever might be your excuse for not writing, it shouldn’t stop you from picking your pen and showing the world what you’re capable of as a writer and an author in the making.

What are your excuses for not writing? Let us know in the comments section.

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