Does Ghostwriting Work?

In 1995, on August 15th precisely something phenomenal happened to an American singer-songwriter.   One of the songs from his album, ‘HIStory:Past, Present And Future Book 1’ was released as a single from the album. That’s not anything near remarkable. The remarkable thing that happened was not just the song receiving positive reviews or Grammy and …

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5 Differences between Book Publishers & Booksellers

As an author, or a to-be author,  You may have been asked this somewhat tricky question, “is it your publisher that will sell your book?” 4 out of every 5 authors will stutter with their answer, and that’s because many don’t know the difference between a Book Publisher & a Book Distributor/Seller. As we all …

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How To Prepare Your Manuscript For An Interior Designer

When it comes to preparing a manuscript for the book interior designer, you don’t need to make it look all that pretty. Honestly, we don’t mind that your manuscript doesn’t yet look like a book; after all, that’s our job! However, there are some things you can do to make your intentions clearer and your …

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Self Publishing

Self-publishing can also be called independent publishing.  The author bears the whole cost and work involved in publishing their book or contracts a group of professionals (independent publishers) to help with the book publishing process while being in control of the whole process and the book itself. A self-published author can also decide not to …

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Hybrid Publishing

To have a better understanding of hybrid publishing, you have to understand that it’s basically traditional publishing but with a different revenue model and profit sharing formula.  Here, revenue is sourced from the sales of the author’s books and the fees publishers charge for the execution of their services. This is unlike the traditional method …

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