3 Ways To Know What Makes A Good Book

When a potential reader holds your book in their hands, there are a few methods they may use to determine whether it’s worth reading or not.

Here are three ways to know what makes a good book:

  1. A strong opening: A good book grabs a reader’s attention from the first page till the last page of the book. The opening offers you the opportunity to introduce your main character and convey your stakes in the storyline which implies that the first few pages may be the difference between someone reading the entire book and leaving it on the shelf.
  2. Unique Style : A writing style is the voice and tone a writer uses to convey a story or express an idea. So whether you’re a best selling author or a new author, adopting a distinct style will make your writing unique and instantly recognizable.
  3. An absorbing story: When a reader picks up a book, they want to be entertained by a good story. A great story grabs the reader’s attention and glued to the book. So it’s important that your story has a structure and the plot is sustainable and compelling over the course of the book .

What other ways do you know that makes a good book? Share in the comments section 🤗

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