3 Ways To Utilize Social Media As An Author

Social media can be a useful part of an author’s platform, helping them connect with readers, fellow writers, and the publishing community. But deciding what content to post next can be a struggle. So how do you use social media to engage with your existing and new readers?
Here are three ways to utilize social media as an author ;

  1. Run a Q&A session
    Give readers the opportunity to ask questions live, and give them a set amount of time in which they’ll have your undivided attention.
  2. Book cover reveals
    Social media is a great place to show fans what your next book will look like. They’ll be excited to see the visual depiction of your next story, and it will build recognition when the book is available for sale.

3. Share a quote from one of your books
To drive exposure for a book, create an image of a notable, inspiring, or funny quote from the book. You can use tools like Canva or Designfeed to easily turn quotes into eye-catching images.

Other ways to utilize social media as an author are:

  • Show support for other authors
    Use your social media presence to promote other authors you admire. You can coordinate efforts — cross-promoting each other’s work gets you exposure to new fans — or share the love unprompted! Maybe they’ll return the favor later. Either way, fans love to see recommendations from their favorite authors. A book or author you like is likely one they’ll enjoy, too.
  • Share event schedules
    If you’re participating in conferences, book tours, book signings, or any other event, let your audience know where they can find you.

What other ways can an author utilize social media? Kindly share it in the comments section💛.

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