How to Grow a Social Media Audience that Gives you Money


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… a few benefits of building a social media audience…

A large social media audience can enable you leave your paid job. It can be used as your new side hustle for visibility as you transition from paid employment. I did it. I’m not sure the famous Aproko Doctor still practices medicine fully. I’m sure of my friend ‘Malik Haruna King who’s no longer within the hospital walls as a medical doctor but uses his large audience on YouTube and his thriving Facebook group to teach on health matters.

A large social media audience can land you speaking opportunities that will make you massive money. Organizations and big enterprises are looking for people with massive following to grace their platforms. It’s profits for them because a big name brings them visibility and you’re paid well for such. It’s no longer a thing of your skill, but the massive following you command.

With a thriving social media audience, you can channel your followers into an exclusive paid subscription platform of yours. For example, if you have 1000 out of your 50,000 followers paying you $3 per month for a deep dive into your works via email subscription, that $3000 per month and $36,000 a year. I’m currently building that platform to kick off soon.

…there are lots more… and this book shows you exactly how to grow a social media audience that gives you money!

Now you know, buy the book, take it home, read it, and practice!

I guess you’re looking to know about the author. Alrighty, get your phone out, visit right now to know!


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