In Houses where Sleep is the Only Silence


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That kiss you gave me caused me chest pains

The moon doesn’t need coffee to keep vigil

Which toddler, in quest of adventure, fiddles with the tiger’s scrotum?

I wish figurines in shrines actually eat sacrificed meat

For God Shall Be Without A Name

How did you feel reading the above lines? In school I hated poems. Our teachers made poetry look so tough and hard to read and was reserved for special people who could see spirits in the day. But I decided to do different. Yes, me, Emeka Nobis. I’ve gone against the norm to bring to your poem sweet and simple. In fact, very simple. I hope you do enjoy all the poems in this book.

I fired myself from a job of 10 years. Today, all I do is to release words in the human soul. This back page is too small to know me. Visit to see what can tell you a lot more.


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