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You can buy 4 of Coach Sam’s books at a very discounted price altogether

1. Marketing Without Budget

The Book Marketing Without Budget is a no-holds-barred, well -researched and contextual book with relevant case studies authored by Market-Creating Operators and Experts with the goal of guiding its readers on HOW TO SPEND STRATEGICALLY in order to GROW REVENUE AND ‘CASH OUT’ using the COMMUNITIES AND MEMBERSHIP MODEL.

The Book is a relevant resource for Business Owners, Marketing Experts, Premium Buyers, Active Shoppers, Product Owners, Service Providers and those generally curious about the outcomes of marketing and how communities and memberships work. You can read more about the book here

2. You Aren’t Enough

Fola Folagbade popularly known as the Celebrity Publisher and Sam Obafemi, the Octopus, have decided to share with the world the incredible and enriching story of their business and personal relationship. We experience first hand, a rare story of love, honour and responsibility.

The immeasurable lessons and a torrent of refreshing ideas for how anyone who desires financial, business and personal growth for influence and impact can leverage the fastest route.

You will learn the secret to each author’s  career and business accomplishments.

Why take the stairs if you can access the lift?

What is that one route to early breakthrough, exponential growth, and building legacies? You can read more here

3. Based on Logistics

Based on logistics is a 128 page common sense business manual that will show you exactly how to build a global business from Nigeria. From the first page till the last page you will drawn in business wits that are applicable to the Nigerian market. The book exposes you to different business models that are adaptable in the Nigerian business environment.

4. Fans Don’t Pay

Take this advice from someone that has been on the field for more than a decade in this digital dispensation: FANS WILL NOT PAY YOU.

That they take your number or social media handle and also say ‘My Mentor! My Coach! My Saviour; this does not translate by itself.

To make someone pay you takes some skills and secrets.

Let Coach Sam share with you some subtle ideas that he has used to become whom people call ‘Money Spinner’ and ‘Money Machine’. And how he has learnt the art of moving fans from ENTHUSIASTS to ALLIES.


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