Reasons You Need An ISBN. for your Book as a Self Publisher

If you plan to have the book you authored in bookstores, libraries, online stores, and in the hands of retailers & wholesalers, getting an ISBN for your book will aid the proper identification, and easy purchase of the exact copy of your book that you published.

When it comes down to analyzing metrics like number of purchases & region-based sales, the ISBN. comes in handy as it makes the process as seamless as possible.

Having an ISBN. certifies you with powers that are parallel to being a publisher yourself.

Generally, an ISBN. is a must have for any writer/author that wants to have their book(s) in hard-copy, and obviously, wants to sell it. 

But, for the purpose of this knowledge dose, we’ll be focusing the narrative more on how having an ISBN. relates to authors in the self publishing niche of writers.

For the record, in this article, we’ll be sharing factual and not emotional points on the following: What is an ISBN.? Why it matters for self publishing authors, and How To Get An ISBN. with Ease in Nigeria.

ISBN. stands for International Standard Book Number, and it was formerly a 10 digits number (on books that were published till Dec. 2006), and presently a 13 digits number (on books that were published from Jan. 1, 2007). 

It’s allocated (before publication) to a book, or an edition, which stipulates the work’s National, Geographic, Language, or other pertinent group and its Publisher, Title, Edition and Volume number.

To ensure there’s no duplication of these unique numbers, a specific mathematical formula is utilized when an ISBN. is to be calculated. There’s also a check digit that vets the number before it’s sent out.

As a Self Publishing Author, your main goal for going this route is independence and freedom. And, with freedom comes the chance to shoot for the stars, right?

Well, an ISBN. on your book gives you just that. If you aim for your book to make any bestsellers list from around the world, having a ISBN. on your book will make your sales data available on a unified database, even if you make sales on every continent of the world. 

But, if you have a disjointed and less internationally recognized database of your book’s metrics on the market, you’ve actually worked against your dream of having that title on the bestsellers list.

Also, except for some peculiar cases, you are allowed to use the same ISBN. on all publishing platforms you will use to make your book more visible to readers.

So, basically, an ISBN. matters greatly to you as a Self Publisher if you want your book to successfully swim through the uncharted, international waters, while coming out headstrong at the end.

How To Get An ISBN. With Ease in Nigeria

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Here’s a summary of what we brought for you today…

1. An ISBN. is a ‘must have’ if you want to sell your book.

2. Having an ISBN. massively boosts the chances of your book getting international recognition based on your efforts.

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