3 Best Ways To Get Your Book Reviewed

3 Best Ways To Get Your Book Reviewed 

Getting your book reviewed is a crucial step in your book marketing strategy. Positive reviews tell readers that your book is worthy of their time, entices your potential audience with plot descriptions, and gives you instant credibility. With the large influx of books on book marketing platforms like Amazon, it is especially important for authors to remember that increasing your reviews, especially on Amazon, will help you climb the rankings, make sales and increase your audience for future books and they are essential because they help potential readers make a purchase decision.

  1. Have A Call to Action:  Add a simple, short call to action (CTA) on the last page of your book once it is published., for example, “ thank you for reading. Can you kindly drop a review and let us know what you think about the book”. You can also write a short note, and be clear that you would love honest feedback about your book. Remind your readers that their views not only impact other reader’s purchasing decisions but that their opinion matters to you as well.
  1.  Establish a Social Media Presence: Having a social media presence on the various social media platforms i.e Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are all great ways to tell the world about your book and get your review. Set up your accounts while you’re in the writing process and let your followers know that the book is coming. Share some of your setbacks and triumphs with them. Then, once you have a review, they will be interested in the outcome and share your joy in any praise you receive. If you’ve laid the proper groundwork, they might share the review as well!
  1. Generate a Mailing List:  An important marketing strategy for every author is to build a mailing list so that you can have direct access to your readers. So when you have a few readers, you can ask them for honest reviews on your book.  One of the best ways is to pick subscribers from their email list and email them directly thanking them for being on their email list, and then asking them personally to review.

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