How To Build A Dream Team To Launch Your New Book

Every author’s goal apart from publishing their book is to make sales and make it a best selling book and to make this goal a success, you need a book launch team and not just any book launch team would do, you need to invest in building a stellar book launch team. A book launch team is a group of people who are willing to support you every step of the way during your book launch. They are a critical factor to the success of your book launch as they would have the most significant impact so it is important you have people who are ready to embrace your dream and set you up for success. 

How do you build the stellar team to launch your new book? Here are the ways:

  1. Be Clear About What You Want From Your Book: Let your team know what you expect from them as regards the success of your book. Let them know what you expect from them and what is involved. You can set up an email list or a Whatsapp group to communicate exactly what you need from them, give them freebies, and get them engaged with your book.
  1. Contact People: To build your team, engage people who have a piece of knowledge about your book. You can use your social media or send emails inviting them to read your book first and allow space for people to signify their interest and volunteer. It is also advisable to contact people a month or two before your book release to allow for well-detailed preparation. 
  1. Give Your Book Launch Team An Advanced Reader Copy: It is important that you give each of your team members a  free copy of your new book and the sole reason is that they are the first people to give you reviews about your book.
  1. Engage Your Team: Keep in touch with them during and after the launch of your book.  You have to entertain them in order to keep them thinking about your book and interested in helping you get the word out to people around them.  You can create an email list and use this to stay connected with them during snd after the launch of your book.
  1. Thank Them: After the successful launch of your book, thank them and appreciate them for their hard work. It could be a paid trip or a hangout. You could also give them a free hardcopy of the book and other freebies.

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