3 Reasons Why You Should Have A Good Headshot As An Author

People judge a book by its cover but it’s also true that people judge a book by its author’s photo. It gives them a clue to what kind of tone they are expecting from the book. People tend to make sharp judgement about your book by merely looking at your author photo. In summary, it means your readers are looking at your headshot and asking themselves ; who’s the author and do I want to buy a book from them?

Why do you need a good headshot as an author? Here are three reasons why you need a professional headshot as an author:I

1.It Cements Your Brand Image : Having a headshot as an author is important. As it doesn’t need to be author-quality, it needs to be professional, clear and accurately represent both your image and brand. This is because it would be used in your books, on your website and in marketing efforts you may put together to advertise your book.

2. It Makes You Memorable: It’s important you have a consistent headshot across your social media platforms as it makes you instantly recognizable and it’s clear to people searching for your social media accounts to follow you.

3. It Brings Great Reward: The investment you make on incredible headshots and updating your online experience as an author will result in a surge of exposure for you and your book.The reward for this investment is the many new client relationships you will establish and the profit that your book will bring to you .

We do hope you find these tips helpful and if you did find them helpful let us know in the comments section. Watch our for our next post on 3 Professional Headshot Tips for Authors

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