3 Reasons Why You Should Publish Your Book

The internet has changed and shaped our thoughts in such a way that we can access any information at the tip of our finger. Then what’s the relevance of books? Why do we still read, write and buy books? Let’s look at this three reasons why you should publish your book and understand why blogs cannot replace books as the ultimate source of knowledge.

1.You Become A Source of Inspiration To Others: Writing certainly offers redemption and sometimes one may feel compelled to write out an uncomfortable feeling to get rid of it. Such books about a personal journey or achievement can help people shake off similar discomforts. So when you publish your book, many people get to read it and get inspired by your writing.

2. You Create a Brand for Yourself: Writing a book brings to you a wonderful opportunity to share those ideas of yours with the world. And also when you author a book it builds on your reputation and makes you almost an authority on your subject. And a book is also a real document of your academic finding and weigh much more than words of the patronisers.

3. Your Book can Generate Significant Profit: A book is also a fantastic way to generate significantrevenues and profits but trust me it’s not magic . Don’t imagine for one minute that selling copies of your book is going to make you a great deal of money. Unless you happen to sell millions of copies. And that’s unlikely. A book is a way to gain the trust of your readers so when you share resources that would be of help to them, they’d be willing to choose you and that would kickstart a meaningful relationship with them. It could be a link to an online course , an academy or a masterclass that would be of benefit to them. You can also read ” YOUR BOOK WILL SELL” by Emeka Nobis to know how to generate income from your wealth of knowledge.

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