How Worital uses 3 Great Elements for Your Book Cover Design

A well designed book cover serves as the main marketing asset for publishers and authors which can lead to increased sales. At Worital, we do our best to ensure that the books being published by us comes out with an international standard cover.

A well crafted book cover design is one of the keys to the success of a book cover which usually contains the right layout, imagery, and color all playing important roles in bringing the design together.

This is how Worital uses three elements for your book cover design.

1.We Structure Your Layout : We make sure your book cover carry these two informations which are the book title and the author’s name and sometimes we use the title as the main imagery but often we use photo illustration which conveys the theme of the book

Worital has the best team of creative designers which is why our book covers are beautiful and aesthetic to behold i.e they are works of art.

2.We Use a Compelling Image : We draw our authors book reader’s attention with a strong initial image. Images have been found to be more memorable than plain text so it’d be wise to design your cover with a visual focus. There’s no magic for using images on your covers.

3.We Perfect Your Typography: Choosing your typography wisely is an immediate selling point. It refers to the arrangement and styling of text on your book cover. A quietly designed type can be a beautiful support to an image and at times, typography is the main focus of the design. When choosing fonts, mastery is important as it’s a key to creating unique eye-catching typography. Typography and imagery is important so you can mix the two together

With these three tips, we would help you to organize the creative process and we would be able to produce a cover design you can be proud of.

What do you look out for in a book cover?

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