3 Things You Should Know Before You Write Your Book

Writing a book and becoming an author is a big achievement but it does not come easy as it comes with a lot of sacrifices and hardwork. To achieve this , you need to study and understand the craft as this will make your writing journey less tedious and enjoyable.

Here are three things you should know before you write your book:

1.Study The Craft: This is when you understand the idea behind the book you are writing, why you’re writing it and if the book is worth sharing to your audience. Study and read the works of best selling authors because great writers are great readers.

2. Start Small: A book shouldn’t be where you start, instead it should be where you arrive. Start small, learn the craft and hone your skills. Write a newsletter, journals and you can get your articles published in a couple of magazines or newspaper. With this experience, writing your book would be a smooth process.

3. Have A Book Marketing Plan : This is one key aspect that should not be ignored before writing your book. Many authors get frustrated after their first book because their financial expectations were crushed. If you don’t have a marketing plan, publishing your book can be a disaster which is why at Worital, we advice our authors on how they can go about marketing their book after it’s being published. You can also grab a copy of Emeka Nobis’s book, ‘Your Book Will Sell’ which will give you insights as to how to meet your financial goals for your new book.

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