3 Ways On How To Find Inspiration To Write Your Book

You want to start a new book or this is your first attempt to write a book and you’re lacking inspiration or motivation to write, then this post is for you.
When you write, you just squeeze out every single word. Writing becomes a chore, not a joy , and you find yourself avoiding the task.

Here are the three things you should do to find inspiration to write your book:

1.Delete and Start Over:

You might have scribbled a few words on paper and it’s not bringing you joy. Delete it and this might be the spur you need as it forces your brain to relay the essence of what you wanted to say in the first place

2.Start Writing Anything : Just start writing even if you have nothing written. Free writing is a pre writing technique that allows you to unlock your creativity and fluency. It’s advisable that you give yourself a time limit when free writing.
Set your alarm for 10 minutes and then go for it. Whenever you feel stuck, consider this method to loosen your creativity.

3. Visit Somewhere New :
Visiting is a great inspiration and most especially if it’s a new place you haven’t been before. If you have the time and money , visit somewhere far away. Absorb the surroundings, feel the atmosphere and enjoy it’s serenity. Then come back home to write.

How do you find inspiration to write? Let us know in the comments section below.

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