5 Benefits Of Writing A Book

There are so many reasons why you should write a book and there are different motivations surrounding it. Many people embark on the journey of writing a book but some others never do it. Having doubts and fear is totally human, but writing a book may eventually become a really unique and positive experience with many advantages to take from it.

Here are 5 reasons why you should write a book : 

  1. Writing A Book Will Inspire You: Writing a book will give you the chance to express your imagination and creativity. You will find a goal and a reason beyond work and responsibilities. It will also bring out the best in you and give you the chance to create really good content.
  2. Writing A Book Increases Your Brand Credibility: Writing your own book increases your brand reputation establishing you as an expert in your field as people would prefer to take advice, purchase and make business with an established author with expertise in his area.
  3. Our Time Here is Limited: If you’ve ever wanted to write a book, don’t wait for a life crisis to force your hand. You have a chance to share your words, thoughts, and passions with the world. Don’t let that chance slip through your fingers.
  4. You Will Be An Author: Only 1% of the world’s population ever publishes a book. By writing a book, you set yourself apart from the masses. Even if your book is fiction or a memoir, the fact that you’re now an author lends an air of authority to your professional endeavours. You can now add “author” to your CV, LinkedIn, and professional website.No matter what you write a book about, becoming a published author boosts your professional authority.
  5. Writing A Book Gives You New Connections: A properly positioned book will reach people that you would never have found another way.  These new connections will have their valuable networks which can become great new relationships for you.

If you have not written a book this year, 2022 is another opportunity for you to write a book and be an author. We do hope you find these tips helpful.

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