5 Differences between Book Publishers & Booksellers

As an author, or a to-be author, 

You may have been asked this somewhat tricky question, “is it your publisher that will sell your book?”

4 out of every 5 authors will stutter with their answer, and that’s because many don’t know the difference between a Book Publisher & a Book Distributor/Seller.

As we all know that today, ignorance isn’t an excuse before the law, which means only one thing… 

You have no excuse not to know these things.

But, we are here to help you know better, so you can be a wholesome author who will impact & impart value into their world.

In this article, you’ll be shown: The definitions of a Book Publisher & a Book Distributor.

You’ll also learn their major differences, and a modern day, 21st century solution to your Publishing & Book Distribution problems.

Off we go!

What is a Book Publisher? 

According to the well known Wikipedia, Publishing is the activity of making information, literature, music, software and other content available to the public for sale or for free. 

Rather traditionally, the term refers to the creation and distribution of printed works, such as books, newspapers, and magazines.

Therefore, a “Book Publisher” can refer to a publishing company or organization, or to an individual who leads a publishing company, imprint, periodical or newspaper.

One person comes to mind with this, and that is… 

Fola Folagbade, the CEO. of WORITAL, a book publishing brand, who’s popularly known as #TheCelebrityPublisher.

What is a Bookseller? 

According to the revered Oxford dictionary, a Book Seller is a person who sells books, especially as the owner or manager of a bookshop.

So, in plain English, a Publisher prints books, while a Bookseller sells books. 

But, to further understand what a Book Publisher does, and a Book Seller does, take a look at the list below;

Functions of a Book Publisher Functions of a Bookseller
1. Review manuscriptsBook Distribution 
2. Edit & Proofread of bookBook Selling 
3. Create Interior Layout, Interior Design & Cover Design Monitoring of marketing performance metrics
4. Print BooksHandle Book Deliveries 
5. Run Authors PR. Help with organization of Book events, Book signing sessions, Talks, etc

The Modern day, 21st Century solution

In this current world where everything from your phone app to the government of the day innovates on a regular basis,

Do you still have to run Helter-skelter to search for a Publisher & a Book Seller?

What if you could get the whole package from one source??? 

Well, you can.

That’s where WORITAL comes in. 


We are a Self Publishing outfit that has the interest of our Authors at heart, and in deeds,

While also following our roadmap of ensuring that authors are seen & heard by the world, alongside their books.

Through our innovative marketing outreach systems, we guarantee visibility and sales for your book, while assuring you of a world class quality hardcopy of your book, when we print it.

In short, we can Publish your book, and Help you Sell your book. 

Look at what some of our amazing authors have to say about us:

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We love you. 

See you in the next one✨

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