Bookmark & Its Importance for An Author

Like the accessories that virtually all ladies can’t seem to live and move around with, a book isn’t complete without having a bookmark.

Today, you’ll learn about what a bookmark is, and why it’s important to have one for your book as an author. The ‘bookmark’ being talked about here isn’t a special mark or stamp that will be placed on your book… NO.

A quick look into the Oxford Dictionary gives us a vivid understanding of what a ‘bookmark’ really is. It is a strip of leather, card, or other material, used to mark one’s place in a book.

When a reader goes through your book, some of them can place within the pages of your book, a random piece of anything, to signify where they currently stopped reading, or fold the page they just stopped at; which damages the book faster.

This situation then calls for the need of a bookmark to be attached to the book. A bookmark that is attached to the book will be slotted in between the pages of your book, and they’ll have a more enjoyable reading experience when next they choose to pick up the book to read.

Here’s what a bookmark looks like:

It comes in different shapes & sizes, and with a variety of colors.

Some major reasons why authors should find Bookmarks important for books are listed below:


– It Reduces Frequency of Book Damage

When your reader makes a purchase of your book, except for gifting purposes, they don’t really have it at the top of their mind to buy that same copy of your book again. 

You can make your reader’s life easier by ensuring they end up with a longer-lasting book, when you attach a bookmark to your book, to avoid having them fold up several pages of your book that they bought.   

– It Allows For Easier Multi-Reading of Books 

For many of the avid readers that will purchase your book, they tend to read some parts of a book, pick a lesson, implement it, then move on swiftly to another book to perform the same cycle.

Eventually, when they come back to go through the books they’ve dropped, which inadvertently be your book,

By having a bookmark in place in the book, they won’t have to go through the mental stress of figuring out the page they stopped reading at, which may even lead to them not reading the book itself.

You don’t want your book to just gather dust on their shelves, and not actually help your audience that bought it.

A bookmark eliminates that reading procrastination factor for your book.

– It’s a Fantastic Gift Idea

During the special occasion of your loved ones who are bibliophiles, you can send them a bunch of your customized bookmark.

You’ll hold a dear place in their heart and stay top of mind, which means more recommendations of your book to their friends and dear ones too.

– Time Saver for Book Readers

People that bought your books also have a life to live. They party, work, sleep, eat & drink.

This means they won’t always be glued to the pages of your book, and if they find it problematic to always switch open your book to the page where they stopped reading, their interest in reading it will definitely be reduced.

With a bookmark in your book, this won’t be an issue, as they’ll just be able to switch to their ‘last read’.

– Creates a Networking Avenue for You

When you go out for meetings & gatherings of intellectuals, you don’t just want to be paying lip service to the fact that you’re an author. You want them to remember you, and regard you as one.

Having a customized bookmark of yours that you can give out is an amazing strategy to achieve that. You’ll definitely have them smiling & thanking you fir meeting with them.

Who knows, they may even request to purchase a copy of your book…

– Unique to You

There are no 2 exact individuals on earth, only similar people.

When you create a customized bookmark emblazoned with your brand identity as an author, you’ll be able to lay claim to a fair share of the reading audience around you, and stock up on your credibility as an author.

Using your unique bookmark can help you achieve this, with an amazing reach. 

Remember, having a unique, customized bookmark will boost the visibility and credibility of your book, while making the period of reading your book a pleasure haven for your readers, as they’ll be safe in the knowledge that they can pick up your book anytime without getting lost while trying to figure out where they stopped reading.

It also gives your book the chance to be taken into a public space as a bookmark on your book will make the reader feel smart & organized, as well as the type that only reads quality books.

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