Common Mistakes by Self Publishing Authors

There’s a common saying that “experience is the best teacher”. And there’s a better one that says “the wise learn from the experiences of those that have gone ahead”.

We believe the latter maxim to be the best, so we’re here today to serve you 5 common mistakes we’ve seen self publishing authors commit on a first hand basis.

Let’s dive in…

1. Authors try to do it all by themselves; from the book cover to the writing, research, editing

No bestseller is done by just one person’s efforts. Just as one man doesn’t make a family. Learn to collaborate with experts to make your book dream come true.

2. Authors working with generalists and not specialists.

There’s a reason we have graphics designers & UI/UX designers. And that’s because they both have their peculiarities, strengths & weaknesses.

Don’t try to fit a square peg in a round hole. Hire Interior designers, Cover designers, Editors, etc to ensure your book is of the highest quality.

3. Authors don’t take being an author as a Business.

You need to present the book as a business to make money out of it. Else, you just find yourself playing around with & wasting away your sweat & toils.

4. Authors don’t maximize their social media.

They just come up with a book launch without having established themselves as an authority in their niche & industry through transformational & educative contents.

If all you do on your Social Media is just to play, you can’t sell through it.

You need to use your social media in the right way to get the desirable results from it.

Use it to build Authority. Use it to build a community of loyalists. Use it to build your voice.

5. Authors don’t value good editing for their book.

Don’t put a substandard book out there and expect magical returns on your investment of time and knowledge. People only value valuables, not empty barrels.

A book filled with errors will only command negative reviews from the first set of people that buy it, and a stain on your name/work will be harder to remove in the long run as the internet doesn’t forget.

To help you avoid these huge pitfalls, you can simply give us the responsibility of ensuring that your book comes out with the highest level of excellence, which will set you on the path of being a successful author/writer.

We love our Authors, and their success is our success.

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