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Today, we’ll share with you, our practical guide that will aid you in creating your next or first audiobook.

Though, you might have heard the term “Audiobook” being thrown about either in a discussion with a colleague, or on a TV. show, you may not have vividly understood the noise about it, and why some authors are so keen on getting their books in a speaking (audio) format.

So, we’ll help you distill this phenomenon in this article, because this industry is one that’s quite big, and has come so far in leaps and bounds as the world evolves at a speedy rate.

Self Publishing and Traditional Authors both have a shot at having their books in an audio format, but we always, the self publishing authors will still have access to a larger chunk of the proceeds their creative works garners, even in this niche of publishing too.

Our agenda today is to show you What an Audiobook is, Its Market Potential, and Practical steps you can use to create yours.

An audiobook is a recorded, audio version of a book.

Audiobooks are important in today’s world because, majorly, they offer another source of income.

As at 2020, the audiobook market had its earnings projected at $1.5 billion, and this figure isn’t coming down soon, based on factual projections, as more individuals are being made aware of the benefits of listening to audiobooks.

Audiobooks also provide an alternative option to carrying and reading through the hardcopy book. It allows people to listen (read) when walking, driving, cooking, exercising, meditating, etc. Who doesn’t like innovative ways of doing things?

Even in some cases, people will still come around to purchase the hardcopy version of your book after listening to its contents, if they found it inspiring enough.

Also, you can get access to a chunk of the population that dislikes reading, while still imparting them with undiluted knowledge from your book.

The production costs for an audiobook are also lesser than the printing costs or a hardcopy book. And, thel or of audiobooks available on secured platforms these days are a drop in the ocean compared to the number of hardcopy books available. This should spell O P P U R T U N I T Y for you!

How To Create Your Audiobook with WORITAL

  1. Show up to record your voice in our studio, OR engage the services of our professional voice over artist that will read out your book with life & vigor
  2. Mixing, Mastering, and Distribution to over 20 secured platforms will be done by us for you.
  3. We can also help you create an Audiobook for a book that has been published before, if it’s a self published book.
  4. We also collaborate with publishing houses to publish Audiobooks for their Authors, with terms and conditions in place.

So, to succinctly state what we shred with you in this post,

Self Publishing and Traditional Authors can create Audiobooks.
Audiobooks grant you access to a new market of readers & money.
WORITAL can help you as an individual or a company produce your Audiobook, with terms and conditions in place.
WORITAL only publishes audiobooks on secured platforms that have a worldwide reach.

Contact Us today to get started on publishing your Audiobook. Use this link to get started ( )

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