Don’t Publish That Book Yet!

You may want to say, 

‘Do not judge a book by its cover’, but you sure can identify a profession by seeing the outfit.

People can buy your book, because of its title.

Here’s a simple instance.



Look at an example here:

We know which of these titles creates the effect that the buyer needs to make a purchase.

Selecting a title also helps you identify your audience. Don’t give a local title to international book content. 

The title of a book is one of the most critical elements of the book’s overall marketing and success. 

Here are some reasons why you should pay attention to your book title 

– No matter how great your content may be, I’m first in contact with your title and the outlook is the first impression. 

I know beauty is in the eye of the beholder- but does it mean, you cannot tell what is not beautiful?

So! Look at your book title. Can you buy it, just reading its title?

 It’s essential to choose a title that captures their attention and draws them in. 

The title can make or break a reader’s decision to explore your book further, so it’s vital to make it count.

– Branding: The title of your book can also help establish your brand as an author. 

It can create an association between your name and a particular genre, style, or topic.

A strong title can help build your reputation and expand your reader base.

– Memorable and Shareable: A memorable and shareable title can help your book gain traction through word-of-mouth marketing.

When readers can easily remember and share the title of your book, it can lead to increased exposure and sales.

– As an author and a publisher at WORITAL, I can just have your book because the title is beautiful and captivating. Never underestimate the power of your book title and the cover design.

– Lastly, matching your title with a good cover design is an epic choice!

You don’t want to have a beautiful book title on a poorly designed cover. 

It is like preparing a sweet delicacy without salt.

You know at Worital, we are the salt to every author’s book. Why have you not published with us? Do you need a counseling session with Sam?

Your BOOK TITLE is a crucial component of its marketing and success. It is important to choose a title that accurately represents the content, captures the reader’s attention, and contributes to the overall branding and discoverability of the book.

We have been hailed by thousands of authors for saving them long-term pains and regret. 

We understand the market and always walk every author through the process of ensuring that every part of their book is perfected and that includes their book TITLES.

You can get in touch with us by tapping this link:

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