How Do I Price My Book?

Many writers & authors have found themselves regularly coming up short in one regard, and that’s ‘How do I get people to buy this book?’

You see, not everyone has the all seeing eyes to know how much sweat, effort, discipline, and even tears that you had to put in to make your darling book come out fully birthed & loaded with marbles of wisdom that will change the course of many lives for good.

And, here you are today with no clear headed idea on what you need to do on your part to ensure this awesomeness you just wrote gets into the hands of people that need it – How to get them to buy.

Well, Agent WORITAL to the rescue!

You see, one of the important components of selling a merchandise is making sure that you’re not overrating & undermining the relative value of that particular good with its Price.

When you underprice, buyers will conclude that it’s cheap and of a lower quality, and then, when you overprice, buyers will feel you’re out to cheat them with a substandard product too!

Who wants to knowingly get cheated out of their hard earned cash? No hands right…

The amazing thing is that there’s a step-by-step formula you can use to navigate this banana skin of an issue.

But, before we dive into this framework, let me chip in with the words that ‘Low price doesn’t mean sales will rise’

Here are the steps to follow to get the right pricing for your book;

+Research other books in your genre

+Check for the page count of your book, especially if you’re just printing it

+Source out printed books in that genre

+Visualize your book as ‘Done’

+Consider the price of similar books in that genre to get an idea of what your price range should be

+Consider your target audience’s financial capacity

And… that makes it a wrap for today on strategies to use to Price your book accurately for the market.

I’ll see you around in the next one.

Yours in service,

Fola Folagbade (The Celebrity Publisher)

President, Worital

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