How To Be Able To Read Consistently

Yeah… We’re sure you’ve heard the cliche that “Readers are Leaders”.

Who doesn’t want to lead?

But, one noticeable trend is that people usually think that reading is only for leaders in the political & service-business industry. Majority think it’s only the likes of Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk, Aliko Dangote & Fola Folagbade of WORITAL that should be digesting books on a regular basis.

This is a belief with no basis, because you can read (and practice) your way to being a leader in any sphere of life.

Even the new generation TikTok niche has a lot of materials you need to consume to have a shot at success there.

And for you that wants to be a Leader in your industry, even after you’ve made a resolution to increase your knowledge base with vast reading, it can be a hard task for you to do it, especially on a consistent basis.

That’s why we are here with today’s piece to give you some proven strategies to help you create a reading habit, so your journey to becoming an industry leader can be greatly accelerated.

1. Start with WHY: If you don’t have a reason that’s good enough & of high importance to you, it won’t be long before your desire for pursuing a goal withers away.

Search for the deep reason you actually want to be a consistent reader, and it will keep you going when you get to the valley of despair – which is where you feel unmotivated to pursue a goal, but only Why you started, keeps you going.

2. Read what you like: If you start off by trying to pore through a literary text, you’ll likely end up disinterested & eventually put off reading as a whole.

If you’re a sport fanatic, you should start building your reading consistency by reading blog posts & articles that are sport related.

3. Set Reading Goals (may be just 2 pages per day): If you fail to plan, it automatically means you plan to fail. This mantra has been proven to be true overtime, and your reading goal shouldn’t be an exception.

For starters, your goal for reading shouldn’t be too high, else you get overwhelmed before you make any visible progress. Start with little goals like: Reading a page of a book/Reading just one paragraph of a page.

When you accomplish this small task, you won’t want to stop, and you’ll start getting your mind accustomed to reading for long.

Also, on the days you feel less motivated to read, you can just do the small goal & switch off.

In your quest to become a leader, especially in the writing industry, we hope these tips help you achieve a big part of your goal.

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